Sord Studio

About Sord Studio

The MISSION of Sord Studio

is to help you “rise up” above your current state and improve the vision of yourself or your business with the use of a lens to help tell your story.

Sord Studio is owned by Claude Mahmood a long time Photographer, Graphic Designer, Farmer and business man with a more regenerative or organic twist in how he approaches life.

Origin of Sord:
First recorded in 1425–50; late Middle English sourde; origin uncertain; perhaps from Middle English so(u)rden “to arise, originate, come (from), soar up (of a hawk),” from Old French so(u)rdre, from Latin surgere “to rise, get up” –

Sord Logo animated with energy effects around the S and the edges

About Claude Mahmood

Claude has been developing his skills in photography and Adobe Creative Programs since 1992. He has been developing website since 1999 while providing great customer service in every job he has done.

After graduating from Jefferson County Open School, Claude started college but after 1.5 years opted to joined the US Marine Corps and focused his skills as Intel Analyst. Did his 4 years of service and then moved to WA state and got his BA at The Evergreen State College in Ecological Agriculture. Over the years he has been an organic/regenerative farmer while continuing to work part time (and occasionally full time) as a graphic designer, website developer, and always doing photography for both business and personal enjoyment.

Why Sord?

The word Sord has taken on a lot of meaning for him and it is why he has chosen it for a business name.
It started back in 2003 with a video game where he chose the name Sord to represent his desire to help others rise up and become better at the game while also sounding pretty cool and being simple, short and easy to remember. Over time it has become a primary name to him in the gaming community. But it is also a reflection of who he is as a person because he has always enjoyed helping people rise up and become better. It then took on another meaning when he started roller skating again at 43 years of age as there is an old acronym “SorD” which means “Skate or Die” and since he has become a very avid Roller Skater it too takes on yet another meaning for him.

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